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Gaussian mixture modeling is a recent approach in texture analysis and is used to model image textures. Texture is modeled using a mixture of Gaussian distributions, which capture the local statistical properties of the texture. The mixture parameters are estimated using Expectation Maximization algorithm. This algorithm finds the maximum likelihood(More)
Nature and natural organisms have always inspired researchers and scientists for solving real world issues. And Computer security is no exception. Artificial Immune System inspired from natural Immune System works efficiently for detecting intrusion in a network. Two layers of defenses: innate system and adaptive system are implemented in this proposed(More)
Stemming is the process of extracting a stem or root word from an inflected word. Corpus based methods for stemming that involves maintaining a corpus with all inflected forms of all words is not practical for Dravidian languages like Malayalam that have a high degree of inflection. This paper proposes a rule based stemmer that uses iterative suffix(More)
An intelligent classification technique for MR brain images are extremely important for medical analysis and treatment selection. Manual interpretation of these images by physicians may lead to wrong diagnosis when a large number of MRIs are analyzed. In this paper an automated decision support system for classification is proposed. It consists of computing(More)
Digital visual media is one of the most commonly used means of communication. But, with the use of low-cost editing tools, tampering and counterfeiting visual contents are increasing enormously. In almost all the Image forensic application areas, the device used for capturing the image is of utmost importance as the origin of the particular image can act as(More)
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