T Sigmudsson

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Auditory event-related potentials (ERPs) were obtained from 33 schizophrenics, from 16 families multiply affected with schizophrenia, 57 of their non-schizophrenic first-degree relatives and 32 unrelated healthy controls. Transmission of schizophrenia in these families appeared unilinear with one parent only transmitting the disorder. Consequently, we were(More)
BACKGROUND Loss or reversal of the normal asymmetry of the planum temporale (PT) has been reported in schicophrenia, and may be due to aberations in the gene(s) controlling the development of brain asymmetries. We tested this hypothesis in a sample of schizophrenics and their relatives from families multiply affected with the disorder. METHOD We compared(More)
BACKGROUND Hippocampal volume reduction has been repeatedly demonstrated in schizophrenia. The relative contribution of genetic and environmental factors to this is unclear. METHODS To address this question, we compared volumetric measurements of the left and right hippocampus, obtained using stereological methods from brain MRI scans, from two groups of(More)
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