T Shimamine

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The surgically excised stomachs were re-examined histopathologically, and eighteen cases were placed in the category of reactive lymphoid hyperplasia (RLH). The distribution and the classes of infiltrating immunoglobulin (Ig) bearing cells were examined on lesions of RLH cases together with ten histopathologically determined malignant lymphomas (ML) of the(More)
Autopsy findings in a 40-year-old male with heredofamilial amyloidosis and polyneuropathy are reported. He had been suffering from progressive autonomic as well as sensorimotor dysfunctions. Prominent amyloid deposit was found in the kidney, heart, thyroid, and testis, and less in the interstitium and small vessels of almost all organs. The peripheral(More)
A murine monoclonal antibody, HNK-1, is known to react with some human leukocytes including all natural killer (NK) cells in peripheral blood. The distribution of cells reacting with this antibody (HNK-1+ cell) was studied in human peripheral lymphoid organs, consisting of five lymph nodes, two specimens of gastric mucosa with lymphoid tissue, two tonsils,(More)
Liver neoplasms were induced in medakas (Oryzias latipes) by the addition of diethylnitrosamine (DENA) to their aquarium water at levels of 15-135 ppm for 8 weeks. After 13 weeks, 21 to 32 fish had developed hepatomas. Medakas are useful for further studies because they are highly susceptible to the carcinogenic effect of DENA, and the time for tumor(More)