T. Shah

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The performance of birds appears to vary among the flock of growing broilers which may in part be due to variation in their gut microbiota. In the view of poultry industry, it is desirable to minimise such variation. We investigated metagenomic profile of fecal bacteria in birds with high and low feed conversion ratio (FCR) to identify microbial community(More)
BACKGROUND The burden of liver disease in the UK has risen dramatically and there is a need for improved diagnostics. AIMS To determine which breath volatiles are associated with the cirrhotic liver and hence diagnostically useful. METHODS A two-stage biomarker discovery procedure was used. Alveolar breath samples of 31 patients with cirrhosis and 30(More)
Background. Febrile neutropenia is the consequence of treatment of hematological disorders. The first-line empirical treatment should cover the prevalent microorganism of the institute. The aim of study was to establish the effectiveness of current practices used at the institution and to review the culture sensitivity pattern of isolated microorganisms.(More)
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