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Recent studies have introduced prosaposin (PSAP) as a pleiotrophic growth factor for prostate cancer (PCa). We have previously reported that PSAP or one of its known active molecular derivatives, saposin C functions as an androgen-agonist and androgen-regulated gene (ARG) for androgen-sensitive (AS) PCa cell lines. Due to the potential significance of(More)
A second follow-up of mortality was carried out for workers employed in a thorium-processing plant between 1915 and 1973. The study group comprised 3796 workers (3119 men and 677 women). Of the whole group, 926 (761 men and 165 women) were deceased and 2620 (2161 men and 459 women) were still alive, while 250 (6.6%) were lost to follow-up. For the male(More)
Androgen-regulated genes (ARG) are implicated in normal and neoplastic growth of the prostate. Recently, we reported genomic amplification and/or overexpression of a previously known neurotrophic factor, prosaposin, in androgen-independent (AI) or metastatic prostate cancer (PCa) cells and tissues. Prosaposin and/or its known active molecular derivatives(More)
Achievement of the optimal hydropower generation from operation of water reservoirs, is a complex problems. The purpose of this study was to formulate and improve an approach of a genetic algorithm optimization model (GAOM) in order to increase the maximization of annual hydropower generation for a single reservoir. For this purpose, two simulation(More)
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