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1. In the isolated cat pancreas, stimulated maximally with secretin, increasing the perfusate potassium concentration (at the expense of sodium ions) caused a copious secretion of amylase from the gland, reduced the volume rate of secretion and caused vasoconstriction.2. Rubidium and caesium had similar effects to potassium: lithium, though depressing(More)
The pancreas is a 'leaky' epithelium and secretes a juice in which sodium and potassium have concentrations similar to those of plasma. The characteristic features of the secretion are its isosmolality and its high bicarbonate concentration. It is the latter that has attracted considerable attention. Secretion in the isolated cat pancreas is directly(More)
1. A technique is described for perfusing the isolated cat pancreas with saline solutions.2. Single doses of secretin, although present in the perfusate for only a short time, caused a prolonged flow of pancreatic juice.3. In response to continuous secretin infusion, the preparation secreted for up to 6 hr a juice which was similar to that obtained in vivo,(More)
1. The rate and volume of gastric filling was estimated in conscious ferrets by measuring the amount of milk they would drink after an overnight fast. The mean volume was 94.5 +/- 7.5 ml. at a rate of 13.0 +/- 0.74 ml./min. An intragastric infusion rate of 10 ml./min to a total of 50 ml. was selected as a standard distension stimulus. 2. Action potentials(More)
1. Intra-arterial injection or infusion of prostaglandins E(1) and E(2) into anaesthetized cats caused a fall in arterial blood pressure, a reduction in pancreatic blood flow and an inhibition of secretin-stimulated pancreatic electrolyte secretion. In some experiments these effects were preceded by a transient increase in blood flow and secretion.2. The(More)
1. Extracts of antral mucosa increase the output of pancreatic amylase. They do not stimulate the resting pancreas of the anaesthetized cat to secrete juice, but have a slight ;secretin-like' effect on a pancreas already responding to endogenous or exogenous secretin.2. In animals with the vagus and splanchnic nerves cut instillation of meat extracts or(More)