T. Schwartzkopff

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The ADER scheme for solving systems of linear, hyperbolic partial differential equations in two-dimensions is presented in this paper. It is a finite-volume scheme of high order in space and time. The scheme is explicit, fully discrete and advances the solution in one single step. Several numerical tests have been performed. In the first test case the(More)
The calculation of sound generation and propagation in low Mach number flows requires serious reflections on the characteristics of the underlying equations. Although the compressible Euler equations cover all effects, an approximation via standard compressible solvers does not have the ability to represent acoustic waves correctly. Therefore , different(More)
Corneae of guinea pigs were burned with 200 microliters 1N-NaOH for 30 seconds. Topical application of 1%, 0.1%, or 0.025% indomethacin (IN) four times daily resulted in a marked delay of corneal re-epithelialization compared to corneae receiving the vehicle only. However, no retardation of corneal wound healing was observed when IN was injected(More)
  • Th. Schwartzkopff, G. Schwartzkopff, O. Pleul, H. Kewitz
  • 1977
The mechanism of the increase of phosphatidylcholine in liver, accompanying enzyme induction by phenobarbital, has been studied in rats. Using radioactively labeled precursors, the two main pathways of phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis-the CDP-choline pathway and the methylation of phosphatidylethanolamine-were analyzed after pretreatment with 4 doses of(More)
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