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BACKGROUND Acylation Stimulating Protein (ASP) has been shown to influence adipose tissue triglyceride (TG) storage. The aim was to examine ethnic differences in ASP and leptin levels in relation to lipid profiles and postprandial changes amongst African American (AA) and Caucasian American (CA) women matched for BMI. METHODS 129 women were recruited in(More)
AIM The gold standard for the determination of proteinuria, an independent risk factor for cardiovascular and renal disease, is the measurement of protein in a 24-hour urine collection. However this method has been shown to be unreliable mainly due to poor compliance of sampling by patients. This study investigates other appropriate means of predicting(More)
OBJECTIVE Healthcare professionals in the Caribbean today know very little about these drug-herb interactions of the popular West Indian medicinal herb practices linked to the immigrants from West Africa and India, and to the indigenous Amerindians. It is the intent of this project to produce a database which comprehensively summarizes indications and(More)
In this paper, discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and spectral subtraction methods were combined to enhance and de-noise Doppler signals. The noisy signals are comprised of a Doppler arterial signal and the intrinsic background noise from the Doppler recording device. The presence of this noise is a performance limiting factor when these signals are employed(More)
The implementation and optimization of a deterministic pattern recognition system to automatically classify venous and arterial signals is presented. CWT and STFT spectral analysis methods were applied to a pool of ninety-seven Doppler signals consisting of both arterial and venous signals. Subsequently, a classification algorithm was developed to examine(More)
HYPOTHESIS / INTRODUCTION Prior studies have denoted gender differences in the expression and therapeutic benefits of hypertension treatment and clinical outcomes. This study documents for the first time gender differences in the expression of blood and urine angiotensin peptides in normotensive Afro-Caribbean Barbadians (25 males; 26 females). MATERIALS(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent nutritional profiles of dietary intake have indicated a shift from the ancient diet to the Western diet. The ancient diet provided a high potassium and low sodium intake, which in turn leads to sodium conservation and potassium excretion. This change in the dietary intake is expected to affect potassium and sodium handling in the kidneys.(More)
AIM To determine the impact of health insurance and the government's Benefit Service Scheme, a system that provides free drugs to treat mostly chronic illnesses to persons aged 16 to 65 years, on the use of herbal remedies by Christian churchgoers in Barbados. METHODS The eleven parishes of Barbados were sampled over a six-week period using a survey(More)
AIM Urinary sodium excretion is used as an assessment tool for salt intake and salt handling. Even though cumbersome, the most reliable and readily used method in clinical and epidemiological studies is the 24-hour urine collection. This study investigates other appropriate means ofpredicting 24-hour urinary sodium excretion in a sample of Afro-Caribbeans(More)
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