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— The availability of large, inexpensive memory has made it possible to realize numerical functions, such as the reciprocal, square root, and trigonometric functions, using a look-up table. This is much faster than by software. However, a naive look-up method requires unreasonably large memory. In this paper, we show the use of a look-up table (LUT) cascade(More)
  • T. Sasao
  • 2006
A weighted-sum (WS) function computes the sum of selected integers. This paper considers a design method for WS functions by look-up table (LUT) cascades. In particular, it derives upper bounds on the column multiplicities of decomposition charts for WS functions. From these, the size of LUT cascades that realize WS functions can be estimated. The(More)
—This paper shows that binary decision diagrams (BDDs) and their generalizations are not only representations of switching and integer-valued functions, but also Fourier-like series expansions of them. Furthermore, it shows that edge-valued binary decision diagrams (EVBDDs) are related to arithmetic transform decision diagrams (ACDDs), which are the integer(More)
We found a significant correlation between lung cancer in smokers and the expression of a human gene, D40, predominantly expressed in testis and cancers. In an attempt to clone a novel human gene, we screened a cDNA library derived from a human B cell line and obtained a cDNA clone that we refer to as D40. A search for public databases for sequence(More)
— This paper focuses on the average path length (APL) of BDD's for switching functions. APL is a metric for the time it takes to evaluate the function by a computer program. We derive the APL for the AND, OR, parity, carry-out, comparison , threshold symmetric, and majority functions. We also consider the average of the APL for various classes of functions,(More)
In regenerative medicine using transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), the importance of regulating the quality of MSCs has been well recognized; however, there is little information concerning the relationship between the population doubling level (PDL) and the stemness of MSCs in equine medicine. In this study, we showed that the amount of(More)
We show the architecture and design of a numeric function generator that realizes, at high speed, arithmetic functions, like log x, sin x, 1 x , etc.. This approach is general; different circuits are not needed for different functions. Further, composite functions, like log (sin (1 x)) can be realized as easily as individual functions. A tutorial(More)
A labeVvalue symmetric function remains undmnged if we permIDite lL the labels of the variabl!es, and L For two values, such functions defeat [1} the Minato/Morreale algorithm [2,3], which produces irredundant sum-of-piroduct expre1Jsions (ISOP'll). That is, this algorithm does the worst it can do, producing expressions with the most prime implicants (PPs).
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