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Intestinal mononuclear phagocytes find themselves in a unique environment, most prominently characterized by its constant exposure to commensal microbiota and food antigens. This anatomic setting has resulted in a number of specializations of the intestinal mononuclear phagocyte compartment that collectively contribute the unique steady state immune(More)
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) used in immunotherapy are typically cultured under atmospheric O2 pressure but encounter hypoxic conditions inside tumors. Activating CTLs under hypoxic conditions has been shown to improve their cytotoxicity in vitro, but the mechanism employed and the implications for immunotherapy remain unknown. We activated and cultured(More)
This paper describes a system that automatically classifies renal artery lesions from arteriograms in the context of Percutaneous Transluminal Renal Angioplasty (PTRA). PTRA outcomes have been categorized into type A (success) or type B (failure) according to morphological features. The morphological features are naturally represented by fuzzy sets. The(More)
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