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The value of internal fixation of fractures of the neck of the femur within 6 h was assessed in a review of a 3-year series. Three groups were compared, in which the operation was performed within 6 h, between 6 and 24 h and after 24 h respectively. The time and quality of union and the incidence of collapse of the head of the femur were significantly(More)
Authors report on a new osteosynthesis based on the double nailing of femoral neck fracture and screwing, and developed from the "Uppsala" double screwing. The preliminaries of the double cannulated screwing method, its advantages, the experiences gained in 30 cases operated in one year and the early results are described.
A case of a femoral head necrosis, with collapsed joint surface after fracture of the femoral neck will be presented. Following varisation osteotomy, the necrotic parts of the bone was removed and filled with cancellous bone. A standardized bone block of the iliac crest was implanted into the hole. After the operation the patient was painfree. The X-rays(More)
The treatment of undisplaced femoral neck fractures, having been disputed for the past 50 years, is analysed on the basis of 111 observations during the period of 1981 to 1983. Osteosynthesis proved to be advantageous. Fixation with a three-flanged nail did not increase mortality rate, had no negative effect on late complications, while it could prevent(More)
Authors describe their new combined method for treatment of lower leg fractures. To this a new type fixator was developed which makes dynamization also possible. The other novelty in this country is the use of functional external fixing brace. In all of the 38 patients they had succeeded to obtain healing. No complication was found until now.
A scanning electron microscopic study of the chondropathy of the patellar articular surfaces following knee injury was made. The early signs of degeneration were evident in the superficial membrane. Here, the fibres running parallel with the surface then turning deep become irregularly arranged, i.e. the amount of matrix embedding the fibres was reduced and(More)