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This study investigated the inhibitory effect of human macrophage colony stimulating factor (hM-CSF) on experimental liver metastases. Murine colon cancer cell lines C-26 and C-36 were each injected into the spleen of BALB/c mice and the number of subsequent liver metastases was counted. An optimal dose (3,000U/body/day) of hM-CSF to inhibit liver(More)
Three new antigens reacting with monoclonal antibodies; CA 19/9, CA 125 and DuPan 2, were evaluated for their clinical significance in the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma. CA 19/9 is confirmed to be the best marker in its specificity (97%) and sensitivity (85%). Even in patients with small carcinoma, 5 of 6 T 1 cases showed positive CA 19/9 values.(More)
A 22-year old man was admitted because of an abnormal shadow on his chest X-ray film. Radiographic findings revealed that the tumor was located in the right middle mediastinum. At operation a smooth round tumor was found arising from the right phrenic nerve. The tumor was removed with phrenic nerve. Pathohistological examination revealed this tumor was(More)
Serum CA 50 was determined by a time resolved fluorometric immunoassay (TR-FIA) with CANAG CA-50 DELFIA kit. Evaluation of the assay system gave satisfactory results in its sensitivity, accuracy, reproducibility, dynamic range and easy handling. No prozone phenomenon was observed up to 347,000 U/ml. From a histogram of 134 normal sera, the cut off point was(More)