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OBJECTIVE To determine whether the cystatin C gene (CST3) is genetically associated with late-onset Alzheimer disease (AD). DESIGN A case-control study with 2 independent study populations of patients with AD and age-matched, cognitively normal control subjects. SETTING The Alzheimer's Disease Research Unit at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf,(More)
Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a noninvasive optical method for in vivo measurement of regional brain tissue oxygenation. Light from the near-infrared spectrum can penetrate the skull and is mainly absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin (O(2)Hb) and desoxyhaemoglobin (HHb). From the amount of reflected near-infrared light in relation to the amount absorbed by(More)
BACKGROUND Difficulty descending stairs is a common functional complaint reported by patients with meniscal tears. Abnormal knee movement patterns, such as dynamic valgus of the knee or decreased knee flexion during step down, have been reported by clinicians, but 3D knee kinematics descending stairs has never been described in this population. OBJECTIVE(More)
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