T S Zimmerman

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We have identified a 2.4 kb partial cDNA clone (pDL34) for human von Willebrand factor (vWf) mRNA. pDL34 was selected by screening an endothelial cell cDNA library with a radiolabeled reverse transcript of mRNA obtained by specific immunoisolation of vWf polysomes from endothelial cells. pDL34 selectively hybridized to an endothelial cell-associated 9.5 kb(More)
We synthesized peptides of the general formula Argn, Lysn, and (Lys-Arg)n. These agents inhibited the ristocetin-mediated binding of vWF to GPIb and the binding of asialo-vWF to platelets. This inhibitory activity was proportional to the number of lysine and/or arginine residues/molecules present. Peptides to which the sequence of Arg-Gly-Asp-Val (RGDV) had(More)
  • Name Zimmerman, Toni S, J L Krafchick, T S Zimmerman, C E Ackerson, W Lindsey +19 others
  • 2015
The parenting practices of dual earner couples who succesfully balance family and work. FAIR: Fairness for All Individuals with Respect. A story for children to learn to honor diversity, understand social justice, and create a more equitable society through respect for all derived by college students from mentoring at-risk youth in a service learning(More)
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