T. S. Wong

W. M. Lui1
Gilberto K. K. Leung1
P. Martinsson1
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The accessory subunit of mitochondrial DNA polymerase gamma, POLGbeta, functions as a processivity factor in vitro. Here we show POLGbeta has additional roles in mitochondrial DNA metabolism. Mitochondrial DNA is arranged in nucleoprotein complexes, or nucleoids, which often contain multiple copies of the mitochondrial genome. Gene-silencing of POLGbeta(More)
Temozolomide (TMZ) is the standard chemotherapeutic agent for human malignant glioma, but intrinsic or acquired chemoresistance represents a major obstacle to successful treatment of this highly lethal group of tumours. Obtaining better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying TMZ resistance in malignant glioma is important for the development(More)
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