T S Warrender

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A randomised trial of the treatment of hypertension in 884 patients aged 60 to 79 years at the onset showed a reduction of 18/11 mm Hg in blood pressure over a mean follow up period of 4.4 years. The principal antihypertensive agents were atenolol and bendrofluazide. There was a reduction in the rate of fatal stroke in the treatment group to 30% of that in(More)
Whilst recruiting for the Randomised Trial of the Treatment of Hypertension in Elderly Patients in Primary Care, 10,732 people aged 60-79 years of age (4,736 males and 5,996 females) were screened for hypertension. This constituted 78% of those eligible on the practice lists in this age range. These patients were followed up for a mean period of 2.6 years(More)
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