T. S. Mohamed Saleem

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Saussurea lappa Clarke (Compositae), is commonly known as Kushta. In Ayurvedha, it is mentioned that the aqueous extract of the root S. lappa was used for treatment of angina pectoris. The present study was designed to investigate the cardioprotective effect of aqueous extract of root of S. lappa against isoproterenol induced myocardial injury. Myocardial(More)
Traditionally, drugs are released in an immediate or extended fashion. However, in recent years, pulsatile drug release systems are gaining growing interest. A pulsatile drug release, where the drug is released rapidly after a well defined lag-time, could be advantageous for many drugs or therapies. Pulsatile release systems can be classified in(More)
Morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases are still high, even with the use of the best available therapies. There is mounting evidence that excessive renin-angiotensin system activation triggers much of the damaging and progressive nature of cardiovascular and kidney diseases through expression of angiotensin II. Moreover, angiotensin II play a(More)
BACKGROUND Rostellularia diffusa is an unexplored medicinal plant used as brain tonic in traditional medicine system. OBJECTIVE This study was designed to investigate the antioxidant and anti-stress potential of R. diffusa by experimental animal models. MATERIALS AND METHODS The extracts of R. diffusa were subjected to preliminary phytochemical(More)
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