T. S. Baines

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The performance of direct workers has a significant impact on the competitiveness of many manufacturing systems. Unfortunately, systems designers are ill-equipped to assess this impact during the design process. An opportunity exists to assist designers by expanding the capabilities of popular simulation modelling tools, and using them as a vehicle to(More)
With the fast changing global business landscape, manufacturing companies are facing increasing challenge to reduce cost of production, increase equipment utilization and provide innovative products in order to compete with countries with low labour cost and production cost. On of the methods is zero down time. Unfortunately, the current research and(More)
∗ Research work had been submitted to the International Journal of Production Research for publication on December 2005 1 School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science, Cranfield University, United Kingdom Abstract – This report sets out to identify, describe, and contrast popular manufacturing paradigms and explore their fit with competitive strategies.(More)
SIA is generally focussed on assessing the potential or actual effects of projects, programmes and policies in the shorter term. There are, however, important longer term impacts that can eventuate and require attention in strategic applications of SIA. This paper examines the longer-term social impacts of resource sector restructuring in rural New Zealand.(More)
The increasing need for Maintenance Repair Overhaul organisations (MROs) to meet customers’ demands in quality and reduced lead times is key to its survival within the Aviation industry. Furthermore, with the unpredictability in the global market and difficulties with forecasting characteristic of the MRO industry there is an increased need for the(More)
A body of research conducted in the 1990s confirmed and extended evidence within New Zealand of farm family pluriactivity, including multiple job holding through off farm employment, and non agricultural enterprises run by farm men and women. The 1990s research showed that multiple job holding is a key part of the strategy used by farm households to support(More)
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