T. S. Ashwin

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Visual Impairment makes the person depend on another person for all his works and daily chores. Through the application proposed in this paper, we aim to eliminate this dependency of a visually impaired person when travelling from one place to another. The main goal is to provide information regarding the current location, how much distance and time is(More)
Ember is a smartphone web browser interface designed exclusively for the blind user. The Ember keypad enables blind users to type using their knowledge of Braille. The interface is intuitive to the blind user because the layout consists of a very few large targets and remains consistent throughout the application. The verbal command option provides another(More)
In this paper, we have proposed a novel design for a vision based unistroke keyboard system for the disabled. The keyboard layout considers the commonly used character patterns, which makes it convenient for the user to type. In addition to this, Shift functionality is provided to accommodate a larger set of characters. A webcam is positioned so as to(More)
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