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Possible effects of Chernobyl fallout on outcome of pregnancy in Finland were evaluated in a nationwide follow-up study. The outcomes were the rate of live births and stillbirths, pregnancy loss, and induced abortions by municipality. Exposure was assessed based on nationwide surveys of radiation dose rate from the Chernobyl fallout, from both external and(More)
Control of cell proliferation is executed, in part, by means of negative feedback, utilizing cell-line specific messenger substances called chalones. Although knowledge of chalone chemistry is still in its infancy, the reality of the concept can no longer be reasonably questioned. In particular, it has recently been shown that chalones are even capable of(More)
Environmental releases of insoluble nuclear fuel compounds may occur at nuclear power plants during normal operation, after nuclear power plant accidents, and as a consequence of nuclear weapons testing. For example, the Chernobyl fallout contained extensive amounts of pulverized nuclear fuel composed of uranium and its nonvolatile fission products. The(More)
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