T. Russell Hsing

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DESCRIPTION. The Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation publishes papers on state-of-the-art visual communication and image representation, with emphasis on novel technologies and theoretical work in this multidisciplinary area of pure and applied research. The field of visual communication and image representation is considered in its(More)
A very challenging and up-to-date topic of vehicular communications brings about certain challenges in terms of radio access technologies, spectrum allocation, networking and automation aspects. This paper provides an insight into the relevant technologies of both the physical and medium access control layers, as well as the network layer. In particular the(More)
This work proposes a block-recursive matching algorithm (BRMA), for displacement estimation. Simulation results show that three iterations are adequate to almost reach the asymptotic performance and the improvement of the recursive method versus the nonrecursive method varies significantly from frame to frame. A smaller block size was shown to result in(More)
— Wireless Internet in the in-vehicle environment is an evolving reality that reflects the gradual maturity of wireless technologies. Its complexity is reflected in the diversity of wireless technologies and dynamically changing network environments. The ability to adapt to the dynamics of such environments and to survive transient failures due to network(More)