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The newly isolated avian sarcoma viruses, ASV 9, 17, and 25, cause fibrosarcomas in young chickens and induce foci of transformed cells in chick embryo fibroblast cultures. They are defective in replication and belong to envelope subgroup A. The sizes of their genomes are 6 kb (ASV 9), 5 kb (ASV 17), and 6 kb (ASV 25), respectively. All three contain long(More)
Three new avian sarcoma viruses, ASV 9, ASV 17, and ASV 25, were isolated from spontaneous tumors. They transform chicken embryo fibroblasts but not hemopoietic cells and induce fibrosarcomas in young chicks. All three viruses belong to the envelope subgroup A and cannot replicate without a helper virus, because they lack the pol and most, if not all, of(More)
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