T Rosenblatt

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The study of random processes and fields with correlations decaying at hyperbolic rates, i.e., those with long-range dependence (LRD), presents interesting and challenging probabilistic as well as statistical problems. Progress has been made in the past two decades or so on the theoretical aspects of the subject. On the other hand, recent applications have(More)
The effects of pertussis toxin, an uncoupler of Gi protein from adenylate cyclase, and luzindole, a competitive inhibitor of melatonin receptor binding, were examined for their ability to inhibit melatonin-induced suppression of PC12 cell growth. Both agents inhibited the melatonin response suggesting that melatonin may be acting through one of its Gi(More)
The form of a biological cell nucleus can be characterized by the well-known circularity factor, which is derived from the area of an object and its circumference. More sophisticated form features are introduced, which are calculated from the curvature of an object ("bending energy") or from invariant moments. To investigate the sensitivity of the various(More)
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