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Genome organization within the cell nucleus is a result of chromatin condensation achieved by histone tail-tail interactions and other nuclear proteins that counter the outward entropic pressure of the polymeric DNA. We probed the entropic swelling of chromatin driven by enzymatic disruption of these interactions in isolated mammalian cell nuclei. The(More)
Chromatin assembly is condensed by histone tail-tail interactions and other nuclear proteins into a highly compact structure. Using an optical trap modulation force spectroscopy, we probe the effect of tail interactions on local chromatin fluidity. Chromatin fibers, purified from mammalian cells, are tethered between a microscope coverslip and a glass(More)
Road Traffic congestion is a perennial problem across the globe. The nature of the problems associated with vehicular traffic is not uniform across the globe. In the recent past, several solutions were proposed to improve traffic management. However most of these solutions cater to the traffic scenarios in the developed countries where traffic is lane based(More)
The nucleus is maintained in a prestressed state within eukaryotic cells, stabilized mechanically by chromatin structure and other nuclear components on its inside, and cytoskeletal components on its outside. Nuclear architecture is emerging to be critical to the governance of chromatin assembly, regulation of genome function and cellular homeostasis.(More)
A displaced orthodontic elastic separator was proposed as being the source of a gingival abscess that progresses to severe bone loss and exfoliation in a healthy adolescent patient with sound periodontal status prior to commencement of orthodontic treatment. After one year of undergoing orthodontic treatment, the patient presented with dull pain and(More)
A localized point-like force applied perpendicular to a vesicular membrane layer, using an optical tweezer, leads to membrane nanotubulation beyond a threshold force. Below the threshold, the force-extension curve shows an elastic response with a fine structure (serrations). Above the threshold the tubulation process exhibits a new reversible flow phase for(More)
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