T. Rodney Berka

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The yeast metallothionein gene CUP1 was cloned into a bacterial expression system to achieve efficient, controlled expression of the stable, unprocessed protein product. The Escherichia coli-synthesized yeast metallothionein bound copper, cadmium, and zinc, indicating that the protein was functional. Furthermore, E. coli cells expressing CUP1 acquired a(More)
In contrast to the Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria such as Streptomyces lack a mucopolysaccharide cell wall which allows them to produce and secrete a variety of proteins directly into their environment. In an effort to understand and eventually exploit the synthesis and secretion of proteins by Streptomyces, we identified and characterized(More)
A lambda gt11 cDNA library was constructed in Escherichia coli using poly(A)-selected mRNA from the fungus, Rhizopus (Rp.) delemar. Lipase-producing members of the library were identified by means of a phenotypic score wherein the release of fatty acids by lipase causes a characteristic color change in the growth medium. One such isolate contained a 1287-bp(More)
Glucose-dehydrogenase-deficient (Gcd−) strains ofPseudomonas cepacia 249 compensated for loss of operation of the direct oxidative pathway by expanding the phosphorylative pathway. When grown on glucose, they had between two- and fourfold higher than normal levels of glucokinase and NAD-linked glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity and a comparable(More)
Pseudomonas cepacia produced a characteristic green sheen on EMB-galactose plates owing to production of galactonic acid by the constitutive membrane-associated glucose dehydrogenase of this bacterium. Mutants isolated as glucose dehydrogenase deficient (Gcd−) also were deficient in membrane-associated galactose dehydrogenase. A strain that formed glucose(More)
Since first flight on September 8 th , 2004, The Boeing Unmanned Little Bird (ULB) program has served as a company owned low cost rapid prototyping platform to examine all aspects of vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial system operations. Designed with an optionally manned capability, the program has conducted most developmental flight test activity(More)
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