T. Rodgers

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An experimental and theoretical study of double-diffused MOS transistors (DMOST's) has been made. A simple, analytic two-transistor model gives insight into DMOS device physics as well as predicting DMOST characteristics. Both the model and experimental results show that three distinct regions of operation exist: short-channel control, long-channel control,(More)
The buried-source dynamic RAM cell combines a VMOS transistor (VMOST) and a buried junction capacitor to make a one-transistor cell (1TC) providing large storage capacitance, long charge retention, and high density. The threshold voltage, breakdown voltage, and weak inversion current for the forward and reverse modes of operation of the VMOST and the(More)
  • T. Rodgers
  • 1983 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits…
  • 1983
Unlike NMOS technology, which has been relatively standardized by the industry, CMOS technology is currently much more varied in its methods of production. Presently, the following alternatives (and related issues) exist: bulk CMOS versus CMOS-SOS (cost, yield, performance), P-well versus N-well architecture (performance, latch-up, immunity, alpha(More)
VMOS static memory process’ are shown in Figure 1. The overlap capacitance of the VMOST and NMOST have been minimized by growing a locally oxidized thick oxide over the Nt regions. The devices have overlap capacitances less than or equal to conventional diffusion-self-aligned NMOS devices2. The advantages of the local oxidation technique are poly over N+(More)
  • T. Rodgers
  • 1979 International Electron Devices Meeting
  • 1979
"VMOS" refers to any V-groove MOS structure, but only two of the proposed structures have become commercial ventures. The common-drain VMOS transistor patented by Tarui et, al. in 1 9 7 3 has seen widespread application as a discrete power switching device. Its application to VLSI has been limited because of its bulky isolation requirements, similar to(More)
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