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Current European Air Traffic Control system is far exceeded by the demand and the resulting delays are a financial and psychological burden for airlines and passengers. The Central Flow Management Unit, in charge of regulating the flights to respect en-route capacity constraints of Air Traffic Control Centres, uses a greedy algorithm to allocate departure(More)
The synthesis of movement and the biomechanics are introduced into the design methodology for the development of a minimally invasive surgery (MIS) robot manipulator : compact, lightweight and close to the surgical gesture. The goal of this study is progress toward a next-generation surgical robot system that will help surgeons deliver health-care more(More)
This article presents the design of a new teleoperated robotic system for helping surgeons in performing minimally invasive surgical procedures. The robot was developed at the PPRIME Institute in the ROBIOSS team from Poitiers University. The system is designed for collaborative operation between the surgeon and the robot. In addition, it has the following(More)
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