T. Raghunatha Rao

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Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) eggs fertilized in 20‰S and incubated in 5, 20 or 35‰ S at 5°C, some being cross-transferred between 5 and 35‰ S, 61.8 hr after fertilization, showed variable yolk and perivitelline fluid (PVF) osmolalities until beginning of epiboly. Coincident with blastopore closure and for a period of ca. 150 hr thereafter (period of(More)
The effect of heat transfer on peristaltic flow of a couple stress fluid through a porous medium in a two dimensional flexible channel was studied under long wave length approximation. A Closed form of expressions is derived in terms of wall slope parameter for axial velocity, temperature and heat transfer coefficient using perturbation method. The effects(More)
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