T. R. Suresh Kumar

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BACKGROUND Dual plate fixation in comminuted bicondylar tibial plateau fractures remains controversial. Open reduction and internal fixation, specifically through compromised soft tissues, has historically been associated with major wound complications. Alternate methods of treatment have been described, each with its own merits and demerits. We performed a(More)
While designing the metallic enclosure for the electromagnetic shielding of electronic circuits, apertures on the enclosure walls become unavoidable for the purpose of signal cabling and ventilation. The Conventional Enclosure design involves a repeated procedure where the hole position and locations are varied until the Shielding Effectiveness (SE)(More)
We reviewed 45 eyes with active or inactive herpetic keratitis that underwent penetrating keratoplasty. In Group I, 15 eyes underwent penetrating keratoplasty without prior optical iridectomy. In Group II, 15 eyes underwent penetrating keratoplasty after prior optical iridectomy. In Group III, 15 eyes underwent penetrating keratoplasty with pupilloplasty(More)
TLM method has been applied to calculate the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of rectangular and cylindrical enclosures with rectangular and circular apertures. To understand the influence of the aperture topology in the SE, the dimensions of aperture are varied and SE of rectangular aperture has been compared with the circular counterpart. The resonant modes(More)
A retrospective longitudinal study of 105 penetrating keratoplasties for vascularized corneal opacities was done. The results of cases with an etiology of healed trachoma or healed corneal ulcers were compared. The vascularization was graded from Grade I to V depending on the quadrant and type of vascularization. Graft clarity of 2+ or more in cases of(More)
Multilevel inverters are used in several applications such as renewable sources, industrial drives, laminators, blowers, fans, and conveyors based power generation. The proposed multilevel inverter with boost converter plays a major role to minimize power demand and scarcity also provides desired Peak voltage. It synthesizes the desired ac output waveform(More)
Fifty eyes were evaluated following penetrating keratoplasty and cataract extraction. Twenty five of them had intracapsular lens extraction while the remaining 25 had intercapsular method of extracapsular lens extraction. Both operative and post operative complications were more in group I. Visual outcome and graft clarity were also better in eyes of group(More)
Power is considered to be as major concern in today's technology. Several research works are carried in order to minimize the usage of electric power. In this paper, an efficient automated power saving system was designed using Spartan-6 FPGA for minimizing the power wastage in educational institutions. Mostly, the students forget to switch off the(More)
Therapeutic keratoplasty was done in 123 neglected cases of fungal ulcers that did not respond to maximal medical therapy. It is recommended that, if the surgery is contemplated, it should be done before the ulcer perforates. A 0.5mm larger donor graft than recipient bed is better than a similar-sized graft. Various complications and final results are(More)
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