T. R. S. Walsh

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Algebraic inversion of cycle index sum relations is employed to derive new algorithms for counting unlabeled graphs which are (a) 2-connected, (b) 2-connected and homeomorphically irreducible, and (c) 3-connected. The new algorithms are signiicantly more eecient than earlier ones, both asymptotically and for modest values of the order. Time-and(More)
We analyse interactions of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) in heat selected yeast by comparing them to an unselected pool of random individuals. Here we reexamine data on individual F12 progeny selected for heat tolerance, which have been genotyped at 25 locations identified by sequencing a selected pool [Parts, L., Cubillos, F. A., Warringer, J., Jain, K.,(More)
We report the successful conclusion to phase one of a program to solve the problem of determining in unambiguous but non-destructive fashion the on/off status of a lead-sheathed underground distribution cable. An automatic, remote-controlled prototype machine has been developed with self-test and monitoring functions. The machine cuts a small hole through(More)
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