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Algebraic inversion of cycle index sum relations is employed to derive new algorithms for counting unlabeled graphs which are (a) 2-connected, (b) 2-connected and homeomorphically irreducible, and (c) 3-connected. The new algorithms are signiicantly more eecient than earlier ones, both asymptotically and for modest values of the order. Time-and(More)
Rates of biodiversity loss are higher in freshwater ecosystems than in most terrestrial or marine ecosystems, making freshwater conservation a priority. However, prioritization methods are impeded by insufficient knowledge on the distribution and conservation status of freshwater taxa, particularly invertebrates. We evaluated the extinction risk of the(More)
It is common practice in medical research to investigate the relation between two physiological variables by obtaining pairs of measurements over a range of values and then plotting one variable against the other. The nature of the relation may be examined using a technique such as regression analysis, and the strength of the relation assessed by(More)
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