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A strongly fault secure (SFS) ALU design based on the Berger check prediction (BCP) technique is presented in this paper. The fault and error models of a large class of VLSI ALU designs are discussed. The proposed design is proved to be fault-secure and self-testing with respect to any single fault in the ALU part. Then, the proposed BCP ALU is proved to be(More)
Sophisticated error detection/correction coding is needed for data reliability in computer systems built with VLSI technology. Reed-Solomon codes [1,2] and bytecorrecting codes [3-5] find practical applications in today's computer memories. To provide privacy and data security from unauthorized personnel, data encryption techniques [6,7], such as Data(More)
Progress in the design and analysis of pseudorandom bit generators over the last decade is surveyed. Background information is provided, and the linear feedback shift registers that serve as building blocks for constructing the generators are examined. Three methods for attacking keystream generators are reviewed, and three techniques for designing them are(More)