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A new method for administering a taste to preterm and term infants has been developed that does not necessitate the delivery of rapid solutions. Sucrose, a sugar that in solution was shown to potentiate sucking behavior, was embedded in gelatin-based nipples that continuously release sweet taste when mouthed or sucked. The gelatin nipples and comparable(More)
The sucking responses of 16 newborn infants exposed to cocaine just prior to birth and 16 control newborns were recorded when offered a fluidless sucrose-flavored nipple and a comparable nonsweet nipple. Cocaine-exposed infants showed a significantly greater preference for sweet taste: Compared with control infants, the cocaine group sucked more frequently(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of sweet taste stimulation in augmenting the reported growth-enhancing effects of nonnutritive sucking in preterm infants who are gavage-fed. DESIGN Random assignment of preterm infants to receive stimulation by one of three methods during each feeding until totally orally fed. SETTING Hospital intensive-care and infant(More)
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