T. R. J. Bossomaier

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The evolution of visual pigment spectral sensitivities is probably influenced by the reflectance spectra of surfaces in the animal's environment. These reflectances, we conjecture, fall into three main classes: i. Most inorganic and many organic surfaces, including tree bark, dead leaves and animal melanin pigmentation, whose reflectance increases gradually(More)
Information about the visual angle size of objects is important for maintaining object constancy with variations in viewing distance. Although human observers are quite accurate at judging spatial separations (or cross-sectional size), they are prone to error when there are other spans nearby, as in classical illusions such as the Müller-Lyer illusion. It(More)
  • D J Cornforth, H J Jelinek, J J G Leandro, J V B Soares, R M Cesar, M J Cree +2 others
  • 2004
Automated image processing has the potential to assist in the early detection of diabetes, by detecting changes in blood vessel diameter and patterns in the retina. This paper describes the development of segmentation methodology in the processing of retinal blood vessel images obtained using non-mydriatic colour photography. The methods used include(More)
Artificial intelligence (AI) research is fast approaching, or perhaps has already reached, a bottleneck whereby further advancement towards practical human-like reasoning in complex tasks needs further quantified input from large studies of human decision-making. Previous studies in psychology, for example, often rely on relatively small cohorts and very(More)
  • In R Standish, B Henry, S Watt, R Marks, R Stocker, D Green +4 others
  • 1998
The Santa Fe Artiicial Stock Market 13, 4] is an agent-based artii-cial model in which agents continually explore and develop expectational models, buy and sell assets based on the predictions of those models that perform best, and connrm or discard these models based on their performance over time. The purpose of this paper is to classify the diierent(More)
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