T R Halbert

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The O2 vibration of dioxygen adducts of Fe and Co model complexes of alpha,alpha,alpha,alpha-tetrapivalamidophenylporphyrin ("picket fence" porphyrin, TpivPP) with 1-methylimidazole and 1-tritylimidazole as axial bases are reported, obtained with difference techniques between 16O2, 18O2, 169-18O, and NO with a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer.(More)
The syntheses of four binary porphyrins, two of which are constrained to a "face-to-face" conformation, and their Co2+ and Cu2+ derivatives are described. Electron spin resonance indicates that the intermetallic separation in the binuclear "face-to-face" porphyrins is about 6.5-6.8 A. Electronic spectra and proton magnetic resonance spectra support the(More)
O2 binding to a series of ferrous and cobaltous "picket fence" porphyrins is reported. N-Methylimidazole and covalently attached imidazoles gives O2 binding to ferrous porphyrins with deltaH degrees =-16.2 kcal/mol (-67.7 kJ/mol) and deltaS degrees =-40 eu (standard state, 1 atmosphere O2). Similar studies with cobaltous porphyrins yield deltaH degrees =-(More)
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