T R Cullinan

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Most elderly visually disabled people have lower levels of visual acuity for both reading and getting about in their homes than would be inferred from clinic measurements. Even with optimum optical correction, performance can be much improved by simple modifications to existing facilities, individual advice, and in most cases the addition of a simple(More)
13 men and 43 women (average age 76) attending a low-vision clinic with visual acuity of 6/18 (Snellen) or less had acuity measurements made under standard (measured) hospital conditions, under normal home conditions, and under home conditions with augmented lighting. Median levels of ambient lighting in the home were 1/10 of those in hospital, while levels(More)
413 children aged 5 to 6 years from twelve randomly selected primary schools in SE London were screened for middle ear disease by the use of tympanography . Those with abnormal tympanograms were retested 10 weeks later. 41% had an abnormality at first test, but half had recovered by second test. Children of African origin were significantly less likely to(More)
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