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Mutations in the HERG gene are linked to the LQT2 form of the inherited long-QT syndrome. Transgenic mice were generated expressing high myocardial levels of a particularly severe form of LQT2-associated HERG mutation (G628S). Hearts from G628S mice appeared normal except for a modest enlargement seen only in females. Ventricular myocytes isolated from(More)
The inhibition of the adenosine triphosphate-sensitive K+ (KATP) current by disopyramide, a class Ia antiarrhythmic drug, was studied using whole cell voltage clamp in cat ventricular myocytes at 37 degrees C and was compared to that seen with quinidine, a prototypical class Ia drug. The inhibition of the levcromakalim-induced KATP current was concentration(More)
1. We investigated the effects of two 5-HT3 antagonists, ondansetron and granisetron, on the action potential duration (APD) and the delayed rectifier current (IK) of feline isolated ventricular myocytes. Whole-cell current and action potential recordings were performed at 37 degrees C with the patch clamp technique. 2. Ondansetron and granisetron blocked(More)
Des(ethanolamine)-taurine16-gramicidin A ([Tau 16]gramicidin A) was synthesized by the solid phase method and its channel-forming behavior in planar lipid bilayers was examined. The purified monovalent anionic peptide formed channels when applied to the aqueous compartments on both sides of the bilayer, but not when applied to one side only. The(More)
Ondrias et al. ((1986) Stud. Biophys. 115, 17-22) found that dibucaine, butacaine, and tetracaine reduce the conductance of membranes containing multiple (greater than 10(6)) gramicidin channels. Similar experiments with local anesthetics (LA's) added to the bath while gently stirring showed that the inhibition developed slowly over a time course of 5-10(More)
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