T. R. Blackburn

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The study was designed as a replication of a study reported in this Journal (Miller S [1989] Optical differences in cases of multiple personality disorder. J. Nerv Ment Dis 177:480-486) which found that subjects with multiple personality disorder (MPD) experienced significantly more changes in visual functioning between alter personalities than a control(More)
Many Virtual Environment (VE) systems require a walking interface to travel through the virtual world. Real Walking – the preferred interface – is only feasible if the virtual world is smaller than the real-world tracked space. When the to-be-explored virtual world is larger than the real-world tracked space, Walking-In-Place (WIP) systems are frequently(More)
This study compared the biomechanics of jump landing tasks used in ACL research. Twenty-seven female subjects performed a drop landing (DL), a drop landing with a vertical jump (DVJ), and a forward jump landing with a vertical jump (FVJ). We hypothesized that as one progressed from the drop landing through the forward-vertical jump that the kinematic and(More)
Knee valgus is a potential risk factor for lower extremity (LE) injuries. Clinical movement screenings and passive range of motion (PROM) measurements may help identify neuromuscular patterns, which contribute to knee valgus. The purpose of this study was to compare LE muscle activation and PROM between subjects who display visual medial knee displacement(More)
— Polarization and Depolarization Current (PDC) testing is a non-destructive dielectric testing method to determine the conductivity and moisture content of transformer insulations. This research was carried out to find the dielectric responsive function and maximum conductivities of biodegradable and mineral transformer oils for comparative analysis. Each(More)
Extended use of knee sleeves in populations at risk for knee osteoarthritis progression has shown functional and quality of life benefits; however, additional comprehensive kinematic and kinetic analyses are needed to determine possible physical mechanisms of these benefits which may be due to the sleeve's ability to enhance knee proprioception. A novel(More)
BACKGROUND Hip flexor tightness is theorized to alter antagonist muscle function through reciprocal inhibition and synergistic dominance mechanisms. Synergistic dominance may result in altered movement patterns and increased risk of lower extremity injury. HYPOTHESIS/PURPOSE To compare hip extensor muscle activation, internal hip and knee extension(More)
YUKIKO MAKIHARA: Functional Implications of H-reflex Modulation and Modification in Human Soleus, Medial Gastrocnemius, and Lateral Gastrocnemius Muscles (Under the direction of Richard L. Segal) Sensorimotor integration of the central nervous system (CNS) plays an important role in motor control. In order to evaluate this highly complicated phenomenon, the(More)
FOR MORE THAN 5 YEARS, nurses and healthcare workers have had the second highest injury and severity rates among listed professions in the U.S. (BLS, 2005). Consequently, many nurses may consider alternate careers, decreasing the average career life span of practicing nurses during this period. One reason for the short career span of nurses may be the high(More)