T. Prabhu

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A Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN) is often partitioned into a set of spatial clusters to save energy for data collection. Each cluster includes sensor nodes with similar sensing data, and only a few sensor nodes (samplers) report their sensing data to a base node. Then the base node may predict the missed data of non-samplers using the spatial(More)
With the advent of cloud storage and increase in transmission images through internet, images are more vulnerable to attacks of various hackers. A lot of private images are leaked from the cloud. Information security has become a major concern. Also, as the use of digital techniques for transmitting and storing images are increasing, it becomes an important(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consist of large number of sensors which having capabilities such as sensing, computing, and communicating. Beside these features, sensors have limited computational and communication power. Therefore, energy is a challenging issue in WSN networks. Clusters-based routing protocols are used to maximize network lifetime. In(More)
4 Abstract-Image intensification plays an important role in image processing and analysis. In this paper, an efficient image intensification method is proposed. In order to sustain and enhance image while enhancing relative pixel details, we propose an algorithm unreliable radiant and low contrast images. The proposed algorithm consists of three phases:(More)
In wireless multimedia sensor networks coverage area and redundant sensor are a major problem thus throughput is minimum and more delay .In order to optimize the network coverage, use a coverage-enhancing algorithm based on overlap-sense ratio. By adjusting the sensing directions of the nodes, the coverage area is increased with the reduction of complexity.(More)
'Data Mining' is a way of extracting data or uncovering hidden patterns of information from databases. So, there is a need to prevent the "inference rules" from being disclosed such that the more secure data sets cannot be identified from non-sensitive attributes. This can be done through removing/adding certain item sets in the transactions(More)
It is increasingly important to understand the capabilities and potential performance of various interconnection networks. An analytical model for communication network in cluster systems have been widely reported. Several analytical models of interconnection networks of multi-cluster systems under uniform traffic pattern have been proposed in the(More)
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