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Adaptive Filtering is a widely researched topic in the present era of communications. When the received signal is continuously corrupted by noise where both the received signal and noise change continuously, then arises the need for adaptive filtering. The heart of the adaptive filter is the adaptive algorithm. This paper deals with cancellation of noise on(More)
A novel methodology for testing all digital systems fused onto the FPGA has been developed in this paper. This methodology does not require any hook-up and input/output (I/O) interfacing card. This methodology uses the NIOS processor core to configure system onto the FPGA. HDL code of the digital system along with NIOS core is downloaded onto the FPGA. The(More)
This paper presents a method of encryption that enhances the security of vital data against brute force attack. The method is based on dual key encryption in which two different keys encrypt the data simultaneously, one being the regular key and the other being the time of key entry. The encryption process uses conventional encryption methods with some(More)
In this paper, novel ideas have been proposed for designing and implementing the pipelined MB-OFDM UWB transmitter Digital Backend Modules on FPGA for a data rate of 200 Mbps. The various digital backend modules are scrambler, convolutional encoder, puncturer, interleaver, QPSK mapping, and OFDM. The most critical block is the OFDM block because it consists(More)
Bacterial left atrial mural thrombosis associated with uraemic nephritis in a dog-a case report. aBSTRaCT Necropsy examination of a five-year-old female German shepherd dog revealed a pale greyish-white thrombotic mass adherent to the lateral wall of left atrium of heart. Liver was enlarged, mottled and showed multifocal pale foci. Both kidneys were small,(More)
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