T. Porselvi

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Multilevel Inverters are becoming popular for their high voltage operating capability for high power applications. This paper presents a comparative study of Cascaded H-Bridge, Neutral Point Clamped and Flying Capacitor multilevel voltage source inverters. These five-level inverters are simulated in MATLAB/ Simulink using multi carrier sine pulse width(More)
This paper implements Single Phase Matrix Converter (SPMC) in different topologies for various functions such as frequency converter, rectifier, inverter and chopper. A single topology, capable of performing all functions of generalized single phase converter utilizes either AC or DC supply to synthesize the output using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)(More)
A new transformerless Photo voltaic inverter with bidirectional capability has been developed using the concept of High Frequency Leg (HFL). The size of the filter elements is reduced as high switching frequency is employed. The power handling capacity of the inverter is increased as the number of legs in the circuit is increased. The ripples in the(More)
When the medium and high power applications are concerned, we are in need of multilevel converters. These converters can provide enticing solution for the renewable energy conversion. Developing high voltage rating converters of more than 6.6kV is a key goal for solar energy based industries. The utmost power capacity of the photovoltaic plants has(More)
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