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It has been suggested that inflamed airways may increase the exhaled breath temperature (EBT). We designed a simple instrument for EBT measurement and proven its precision, reproducibility and validity in asthma. Now we tested its utility as individual device to detect changes indicative of the control of asthma. We followed up 14 patients (9 female, age(More)
Different thermometers have been constructed over the decades to measure the temperature of the body to help detect and monitor morbid states. They yield slightly different estimates of the core body temperature depending on the proximity of the measurement site to the internal milieu of the organism, the principle of temperature assessment, and the(More)
A method of standardization of inhalation bronchial provocation tests is induced. The distribution of radioactivity of in- and exhaled 99mTc human albumin (Venticoll) enables an exact calculation of intrabronchial aerosol deposition. The investigations were carried out at twelve normal test persons by using the device of bronchial provocation tests of PARI.(More)
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