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The content of cyclic AMP (cAMP) in the slices of rat striatum and cerebral cortex was tested after incubation with various concentrations (10(-6)--10(4) M) of dopamine (DA), apomorphine (APM), amantadine (AMD), and dimethylaminoadamatane (DMAD), and incubation with DA, AMD and DMAD in combination with KCl (43 mM) or haloperidol (HP) (10(-5) M). APM, AMD,(More)
We tested the effect of various concentrations (10(-6)--10(-4) M) of dopamine (DA), apomorphine (APM), amantadine (AMD), dimethylaminoadamantane (DMAD) and haloperidol (HP) on in vitro incorporation of 14C/U/adenine to slices of the rat striate body. Two mechanisms participated in this incorporation: one of them (uptake I) of Km = 1.92 micron, the second(More)
(14C)-cAMP was injected into the lateral ventricle of the rat brain and autoradiographic studies and assay of metabolism of this nucleotide were carried out. (14C)-cAMP rapidly penetrates into the cerebrospinal fluid in other brain ventricles and into the subarachnoidol cerebellar space. 14C was also present in the brain tissue adjacent to the lumen of the(More)
The neurotransmitter catecholamines control metabolism 5-HT in pineal gland by stimulating pineal serotonin-N-acetyltransferase (EC activity [1, 2]. To prove the influence of FP on the metabolism 5-HT provoked by norepinephrine was tested. Rat pineal gland were incubated in media containing 5-HT- 14C or 5-HT- 14C and FP (1-10(-6)-1-10(-4) M).(More)
We tested the effect of dopamine (DA), apomorphine (APM), amantadine (AMD), dimethylaminoadamantane (DMAD) or haloperidol (HP) on the in vitro formation of c-AMP from ATP labelled intracellularly with exogenous 14C-adenine or from endogenous ATP in the slices of rat striatum. DA stimulated the synthesis of c-AMP from endogenous and 14C-adenine labelled ATP.(More)
Two forms of phosphodiesterase exist in the rat striatum, one with high (PDE -- I), and one with low (PDE -- II) affinity to substrate (cyclic 3',5'-AMP). The results obtained suggest that inhibition of PDE -- I activity by apomorphine or amantadine is partially related to their stimulating effect on dopaminergic system in the striatum.
Phosphodiesterase (PDE) is present in brain meninges. Its activity is higher in the pia than in the dura mater. Phenothiazine neuroleptics: fluphenazine, trifluoroperazine, thioproperazine, chloropromazine and thioridazine at concentration 10(-5)--10(-4) M in vitro inhibit the PDE activity in the pia and dura mater. Most potent in this respect were(More)
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