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BACKGROUND The aims of the total knee arthroplasty are to reduce or completely relieve pain and improve mobility of the affected joint. In the last decade navigation systems based on computer and infrared camera technology are developing quickly as an alternative to conventional surgical navigation techniques. METHODS We compare post-operative results in(More)
UNLABELLED FORMULATION OF THE QUESTION: As a problem stood the question what effect the progress in orthopedic technology during the last years had on the rehabilitation results of the persons affected and how etiology and distribution of age and sex have changed. METHOD We post-examined 50 patients during home visits who had had double-sided amputations(More)
The purpose of our investigations were aging changes in hyaline cartilage of the trachea and of the larynx. 42 samples of carina tracheae and 29 samples of arytenoid cartilage were used in both organs from the newborn age up to the age of 91 a. We have examined patterns of cell distribution with the help of the computer programme "Dichte" ("density") using(More)
The onset of ageing during childhood and adolescence is accompanied by a variety of differentiation processes, whereas ageing later in life is characterized by dysdifferentiation. One of the subjects in the present discussion is the "Dysdifferentiation hypothesis of ageing". So far differentiation has been described only in qualitative terms. The paper uses(More)
We have considered the question of the quantification of differentiation processes. We investigated articular cartilage of the Caput femoris in 22 cases aged from 0 to 77 years. We measured cell size and volume density. During aging a shifting of the layer with the maximum cell size in relation to the joint surface as well as the formation of two layers(More)
Changes in the distribution patterns of chondrocytes in the embryonic transitory hyaline cartilage of the tarsus were studied using 56 sagittal section of tarsi from 28 human embryos, with a vertex-foot length from 7.0 to 44.0 cm. The os naviculare and os cuboideum were not sliced in all sections. A total of 93,931 cells were transferred via a mirror to(More)
Changes in the distribution patterns of chondrocytes in the permanent hyaline cartilage were studied in order to analyze a process of differentiation quantitatively. Sections of 29 specimens of arytenoid cartilage and 42 specimens of Carina tracheae from newborn up to the age of 91 years were used. The chondrocytes were transferred via a mirror to paper,(More)
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