T. P. Horikis

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The dynamics of dark matter-wave solitons in elongated atomic condensates are discussed at finite temperatures. Simulations with the stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii equation reveal a noticeable, experimentally observable spread in individual soliton trajectories, attributed to inherent fluctuations in both phase and density of the underlying medium. Averaging(More)
We consider short pulse propagation in nonlinear metamaterials characterized by a weak Kerr-type nonlinearity in their dielectric response. In the frequency “band gaps” (where linear electromagnetic waves are evanescent) with linear effective permittivity ǫ < 0 and permeability μ > 0, we derive two short-pulse equations (SPEs) for the highand lowfrequency(More)
The properties of the so-called regularized short pulse equation (RSPE) are explored with a particular focus on the traveling wave solutions of this model. We theoretically analyze and numerically evolve two sets of such solutions. First, using a fixed point iteration scheme, we numerically integrate the equation to find solitary waves. It is found that(More)
The dynamical behavior of a higher-order cubic Ginzburg-Landau equation is found to include a wide range of scenarios due to the interplay of higher-order physically relevant terms. We find that the competition between the third-order dispersion and stimulated Raman scattering effects gives rise to rich dynamics: this extends from Poincaré-Bendixson-type(More)
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