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There is a great need in experimental biology for tools to study interactions between biological molecules and to profile expression levels of large numbers of proteins. This paper describes the fabrication, packaging and testing of a resonant mass sensor for the detection of biomolecules in a microfluidic format. The transducer employs a suspended(More)
Microfabricated transducers enable the label-free detection of biomolecules in nanoliter size samples. We have recently developed a new resonant micromechanical mass sensor that is exceptionally well suited for the detection of biomolecular interactions in a microfluidic framework. Our approach completely eliminates viscous damping by confining the fluid to(More)
We have batch fabricated suspended nanochannel resonators (SNRs) to improve the mass resolution of suspended microchannel resonators (SMRs). The SNR consists of a cantilever that is 50 µm long, 10 µm wide, and 1.3 µm thick, with an embedded nanochannel that is 2 µm wide and 700 nm tall. The SNR has a resonance frequency near 640(More)
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