T. P. Bobovski

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A series of 8-amino-9-substituted guanines was synthesized and their activity evaluated against human purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP). All compounds were found to be potent inhibitors of human PNP (IC50s: 0.17–126 μM). They were also selectively cytotoxic to MOLT-4 lymphoblasts in the presence of a nontoxic amount (10 μM) of the PNP substrate,(More)
Fourteen new CPP analogues have been prepared with methyl 1-(phenylmethyl) (+/-)-1,2-piperazinedicarboxylate 3 as a versatile synthetic intermediate. Derivatives were evaluated as NMDA ligands by their ability to displace [3H]CPP from rat cortical membranes. The binding affinity of various chain lengths at the N4-position of the CPP analogues, 5a, 5b, and(More)
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