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Daily walkover liveweight (WoLW) records (n=79,697) from 463 pasture-fed dairy cows from a single dairy herd in the lower North Island of New Zealand were recorded over the first 100 d of lactation. The aims of this study were to (1) describe LW records retrieved by a standalone automatic Wo daily weighing system; (2) describe the frequency and nature of(More)
This study investigated the effect of lameness on liveweight (LW) in pasture-fed dairy cattle. The data comprised 222,446 averaged daily LW measurements from 828 lactations of 542 mixed-age cows in a seasonally calving, pasture-fed New Zealand dairy herd. The LW measurements for individual cows were aggregated into weekly averages and analyses conducted to(More)
Dairy herd managers have attempted to increase and maintain profits by selectively breeding dairy cattle for high production. Selection for milk production may have resulted in a tendency for greater liveweight (LW) loss postpartum. This study aimed to: (1) determine if excessive LW loss and milk yield in the first 50 days in milk (DIM) was associated with(More)
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