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We have developed a carmlete single chip AM/FM radio integrated circuit embodying all the necessary function for an AM/FM radio system. It includes the AM/FM front end, AM/FM IF amplifiers, AM AGC, AM/FM detector, audio pre and power airplifiers, variable capacitor diode for the FM AFC, tuning indicator circuit, electric volume, as well as a regulated(More)
For the fxst time in the world, a complete single chip AM stereo / FM stereo radio IC which can be used for the portable radio has been developed. ?The PLL circuit for the pilot detection make it stable to receive AMstereo. INTRODUCTION In Japan , almost every radio set has begun to apply AM stereo function. But the systeni has become complex , and the(More)
INTRODUCTION The newly developed IC is a low power AM/FM 2 band radio IC in order to make operating time long when it operates by small batteries, without degrading the characteristic. The several problems caused by lower power operation are, a) a decrease of the gain-bandwidth product b) an increase of noise from an active device c) a degradation of(More)
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