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BACKGROUND The pathophysiology of mental stress-induced myocardial ischemia, which occurs at lower heart rates than during physical stress, is not well understood. METHODS AND RESULTS The Psychophysiological Investigations of Myocardial Ischemia Study (PIMI) evaluated the physiological and neuroendocrine functioning in unmedicated patients with stable(More)
In an earlier study, we demonstrated the enhancement of pregnancy-induced analgesia with an inhibitor of endogenous enkephalin metabolism. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the antinociceptive effect of another inhibitor of enkephalin metabolism, RB 101, on pregnant mice. Further, since other studies have shown RB 101 to be free of opioid(More)
Enterococcal endocarditis occurred in a young man with tetralogy of Fallot who had just completed therapy for staphylococcal endocarditis. The patient had a transient reversal of flow through the ventricular septal defect during staphylococcal endocarditis with lung abscesses and had persistently elevated teichoic acid antibody titers during the second(More)
Cardiac disease associated with AIDS is common and is manifested by a variety of lesions. With the advances in therapy for common opportunistic infections, AIDS-associated cardiac abnormalities will play a prominent role in morbidity and mortality. This case illustrates a rapidly progressive and fetal course of AIDS-associated dilated cardiomyopathy in an(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS Seventy-six heart transplants in 73 patients were studied for the formation of lymphocytotoxic panel-reactive antibodies after transplantation. Treatment of patient serum with dithioerythritol was used to discriminate between antibodies of the immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G isotypes. Human leukocyte antigen specificities of(More)
To define the size of the donor pool among nontrauma patients and the role of physicians in the limited supply of organs available for transplantation, we reviewed the 1293 nontrauma deaths that occurred in Vanderbilt University Medical Center during a 31-month period. Computerized discharge abstracts showed that 111 adults died without contraindications to(More)
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